Smoking Kow BBQ Sees Record Sales after Yelp Ranking, Plans to Expand with New Locations

Smoking Kow BBQ on Duke Street Experiences a Surge in Business After Being Named One of Yelp’s Top 100 Barbecue Joints

Smoking Kow BBQ, located at 3250 Duke Street, has recently experienced a surge in business. This increase in sales comes after the restaurant was ranked #79 in Yelp’s Top 100 barbecue joints in the country. Owner Diane Lee shared that they recently had their highest sales day ever, with record-breaking numbers on consecutive Saturdays in June. The increase in business has been attributed to a focus on quality over quantity, with Lee fine-tuning the art of sliced brisket and simplifying the menu.

The Washington Post previously reviewed Smoking Kow BBQ when it was under founder Dylan Kough’s ownership and it saw a significant uptick in demand. The restaurant often sells out by 5 p.m., prompting Lee to increase the amount of food being cooked and adjust staff hours to meet the new demand. To accommodate the growing interest, they have also expanded their catering services by adding tents for events when the food truck is booked.

In response to the overwhelming success of Smoking Kow BBQ, owner Diane Lee has expressed plans to open a new location at National Landing in Crystal City and is exploring opportunities to expand to Vienna in Fairfax County. Hiring is currently underway for cashiers, with competitive hourly pay rates of $18-$20. Lee expressed excitement about bringing Smoking Kow BBQ experience to new communities and noted that Vienna has a similar supportive environment for small businesses like Old Town.

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