Sportsbooks Band Together to Promote Responsible Gambling Amidst Surge in US Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks establish responsible gambling organization

Seven major US sportsbooks, including FanDuel and DraftKings, have come together to form the Responsible Online Gaming Association. The association aims to promote responsible gambling by sharing best practices and providing names of customers who have been banned due to problematic behavior. This move comes after MLB and the NBA investigated high-profile betting scandals involving athletes.

In 2023, Americans wagered nearly $120 billion on sports, a 28% increase from the previous year. This surge has also led to increased fan engagement, as noted by Kenneth Shropshire, an expert in sports business at Wharton. Shropshire points out that people are more invested in watching games until the end to secure their bets, which has become a significant factor in driving viewership.

Despite the positive impact on fan engagement, concerns around irresponsible gambling, addiction, and athlete betting scandals persist. Shropshire stresses the importance of leagues and sportsbooks addressing these issues to maintain the integrity of sports. The collaboration among sportsbooks to establish the Responsible Online Gaming Association is a step towards building consumer confidence.

Economist Victor Matheson from the College of the Holy Cross notes that while sportsbooks aim to promote responsible gambling, their primary goal is to maximize revenue by encouraging increased betting activity. He suggests that these companies may be implementing internal regulations to mitigate potential government regulations in the future.

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