TEKNOFEST 2024: Inspiring the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology Contests and Aerospace Displays

More than 1.6 million participants competed in technology competitions at Turkey’s TEKNOFEST

TEKNOFEST, Türkiye’s premier aerospace and technology festival, is set to take place in the southern province of Adana. The 10th edition of this prestigious event has attracted over 1.6 million applications from competitors eager to participate in its cutting-edge technology contests.

With a focus on inspiring young individuals to pursue careers in technology and supporting the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields, TEKNOFEST has become one of the most popular events in Turkey. Over the past six years, nine festivals have been held, attracting approximately 10 million visitors each time.

Despite the excitement surrounding TEKNOFEST, organizers have yet to reveal the specific date of the upcoming festival. However, it is expected that an announcement will be made soon. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more updates on TEKNOFEST 2024 and join us as we celebrate the latest advancements in aerospace and technology.

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