Tempe Police Department’s Manager of Police Analytics Bureau Wil Price Prepares to Retire as Scrutiny Increases in Technical Services Unit and Forensic Services Unit

Manager of Tempe PD’s Forensic and Technology units to depart from the department

Wil Price, a seasoned manager who has overseen several units within the Tempe Police Department for the past two years, is set to retire on April 19. Price first joined the department as a sworn officer in 1982 and remained until 2003 before returning as a professional staff member in 2022. Currently, he serves as the Manager of the Police Analytics Bureau, which includes units such as the Forensic Services Unit and the Technical Services Unit.

Recent reports by ABC15 Investigators have shed light on issues within these units, with Officer Anthony Chiaro alleging retaliation for whistleblowing about misuse of public funds and unused equipment within the Technical Services Unit. The Forensic Services Unit has also been under scrutiny for lacking proper equipment and standards while processing crime scenes.

Tempe officials have confirmed that Chief Kenneth McCoy is working to transform the police department into one of the top agencies in the country. The department is actively combating street racing, reducing serious injury collisions, and is set to open a Real-Time Operations Center in the near future. Interviews on these topics may be scheduled at a later date.

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