U-BX Technology Raises $10 Million in Funding to Expand its Digital Insurance Solutions

Chinese business services provider U-BX Technology prices its US initial public offering at $5

U-BX Technology recently raised $10 million by offering 2 million shares at $5 per share as planned. The company, which serves more than 300 city-level property and auto insurance carriers nationwide, is based in China and offers various services to the insurance industry.

U-BX Technology uses a proprietary algorithmic model to generate individualized risk reports for its clients, taking into account factors such as vehicle brand, model, travel area, and vehicle age. This allows the company to provide tailored solutions to its customers and help them make informed decisions about their insurance policies.

In addition to its digital promotion services and risk assessment services, U-BX Technology also offers value-added bundled benefits to its clients. These include access to a network of trusted vendors, as well as tools and resources for customer service and claims management.

The successful fundraising and planned listing of U-BX Technology are indicative of its solid business model and potential for growth in the insurance industry. With EF Hutton serving as the sole bookrunner on the deal, the company is poised for continued success in the years ahead.

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