Ukraine Urges UK to Release Frozen Russian Assets to Support War Efforts”.

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Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik has urged the British government to release billions of pounds in frozen Russian assets, stressing the importance of unity among allies and transitioning from fighting to actively winning the war. Rudik emphasized the significance of utilizing the frozen assets to support Ukraine’s war efforts.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the UK has seized billions of pounds in assets belonging to the Russian state and oligarchs. There has been a debate on how to use this money, with some suggesting it should be saved for rebuilding Ukraine post-war. However, Rudik stressed that the funds should be used to hold Putin accountable and support Ukraine’s fight against the invasion.

Rudik mentioned that about £50bn of state assets and oligarchs’ money are currently frozen in the UK. She expressed gratitude for the support from allies, including the UK, but emphasized the need for decisive action regarding the use of these assets. Rudik emphasized that it is crucial to ensure that these resources are used effectively and efficiently to support Ukraine’s war effort, such as purchasing ammunition and rebuilding damaged infrastructure.

In conclusion, Kira Rudik emphasized that it is essential to utilize frozen Russian assets immediately to support Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression. The Ukrainian people are counting on their allies’ help now more than ever before.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is one of significant concern for many countries around the world. The United Kingdom has played an important role in supporting Ukraine since Russia invaded its neighbor in February 2022. The freezing of billions of pounds worth of Russian state and oligarchs’ assets is just one way that Britain has helped Ukraine.

However, there has been some debate over how best to use those assets since they were seized by Britain. Some have suggested saving them until after a ceasefire agreement is reached so they can be used for reconstruction purposes.

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik believes differently. She recently spoke with Sky News about her concerns over Russia’s aggression and urged Britain to release those billions of pounds worth of frozen assets now rather than waiting until after a ceasefire agreement is reached.

Rudik explained that she believes it is important not just for financial reasons but also because it sends a strong message about Britain’s commitment to supporting its ally in this time of crisis.

“The funds should be used not only as compensation but also as punishment,” said Rudik, adding that Russia must understand that there will be consequences if they continue down this path.”

While there may be disagreements about how best to use these resources, what is clear is that Britain needs to take action soon if it wants to make a real impact on Russia’s behavior.

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