UNC Health Secures Long-Term Agreement with UnitedHealthcare to Ensure Quality Care for Thousands of North Carolina Patients

UNC Health and UnitedHealthcare agree to long-term contract deal

On Thursday, UNC Health announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with UnitedHealthcare, ensuring that thousands of North Carolina patients will continue to receive treatment at UNC clinics and hospitals while remaining in the network. The agreement covers patients under United’s commercial, Individual Exchange, and Medicare Advantage plans.

Dr. Matt Ewend, chief clinical officer at UNC Health, emphasized the importance of this new agreement for patients across the state. “This agreement will benefit patients by avoiding increased costs and the stress of going out of network or having to find new providers for their care,” he said. Negotiations between UNC Health and United began last year and concluded this week with the signing of the new deal.

The recent announcement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina was also a positive step for UNC Health as it marks continued access to quality care for patients in North Carolina. The health system is working diligently to communicate this news to its patients covered by UnitedHealthcare in order to reassure them that their UNC providers will remain unchanged. This agreement is a significant step towards ensuring continued access to quality care for all North Carolinians.

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