Uncovering the Stolen Truth: A Thrilling Journey with S.G. Benton’s ‘RELICSS TORN’

Dive into the Underworld of Illegal Art – Uncovering Stolen Valuables and Hidden Truths that Spark Betrayal, Deceit, and Death

In a thrilling turn of events, Palmetto Publishing is proud to present RELICS TORN, the latest novel from acclaimed author S.G. Benton. The captivating story follows Liliane Ashe, an art sleuth on a mission to recover stolen artwork and uncover the truth behind her missing mother.

As Liliane delves deeper into the investigation of a prestigious art gallery with suspicious activity, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous case that takes her from the mountains of New Mexico to the criminal underworld of London. Alongside Interpol Agent Victor Aldwyn, Liliane must navigate a ruthless empire that spans continents and is connected to a series of murders linked to art thefts.

RELICS TORN is a gripping international thriller that combines suspenseful action with a complex exploration of moral ambiguity in the world of antiquities trade. This must-read novel is perfect for art enthusiasts, mystery lovers, and fans of books like The DaVinci Code and The Rembrandt Affair. Get your copy today on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

S.G. Benton, originally from Naperville, Illinois, has a background in law and art, with decades of experience as a lawyer and university lecturer in art and antiquities law. With a PhD in anthropology focusing on cultural heritage objects, Benton brings a wealth of knowledge to her writing. She and her husband have traveled extensively and currently reside in Copenhagen, Denmark

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