United States Ramps Up Efforts to Prevent American Goods from Fueling Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

US continues efforts to restrict technology exports to Russia for military purposes

The United States has stepped up efforts to prevent the diversion of American goods to Russia for use in its invasion of Ukraine. Letters have been sent by the Commerce Department to at least 20 American companies, warning them to cease shipments to more than 600 foreign parties out of concern that their products may be used in Russia’s war effort.

Following the invasion, the U.S. and over 30 other countries implemented sanctions aimed at restricting access to Western technology and impeding Russia’s ability to carry out its war. However, American components are still being found in Russian weapons left behind on the Ukrainian battlefield. Assistant Secretary Matthew Axelrod shared this information at a recent export control conference in Washington, D.C., emphasizing that letters have been sent to American companies requesting they voluntarily halt shipments to these parties due to the significant risk of transshipment to Russia.

In addition, Axelrod mentioned that senior officials from the Commerce, State, and Treasury departments have been communicating directly with senior leaders in U.S. companies to explore further actions they can take to prevent their products from being used in Russia. The efforts continue as a top priority for the U.S government as they work towards supporting Ukraine and mitigating Russia’s aggression.

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