Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: ICJ Orders Israel to Provide Immediate Aid as Famine Looms

ICJ Urges Israel to Provide Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued an order on Thursday, confirming that a famine is beginning to set in in the Palestinian territory, specifically Gaza. The court ordered Israel to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the region immediately. According to the ICJ, Israel must fulfill its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide by ensuring the provision of basic services and humanitarian assistance without delay and on a large scale in Gaza.

The ICJ’s decision comes after South Africa filed a request before the court on February 13, expressing grave concern over the further impact of Israel’s military offensive in Rafah. South Africa had previously accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza and welcomed the ICJ’s decision to order Israel to prevent such acts. While the orders are binding, it has no means of enforcing them.

The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza has been exacerbated by a war triggered by an attack by Hamas in Israel. The majority of Gaza’s 2.4 million inhabitants face famine, according to the UN, with 100% of the population experiencing serious food insecurity. While humanitarian aid arrives in Gaza sporadically through land routes controlled by Israel, some countries are dropping supplies by air, sometimes at the cost of human lives. Despite this, efforts are being made by international organizations and communities to provide necessary aid and support to those affected.

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