Victor Dembovsky appointed General Manager at Newxel Israel to drive growth and strengthen IT services industry position.

Newxel Expands its Operations in Israel: Meet the Leader Behind the Move

Victor Dembovsky has been appointed as the General Manager of Newxel in Israel, where he will oversee the expansion of IT teams for both international and local customers. His role is critical to the company’s strategic vision in Israel, which focuses on developing new markets, building strategic relationships, and optimizing sales processes to maintain a leading position in the IT services industry and serve both existing and new clients.

As GM, Dembovski will also be responsible for driving growth by aligning top talent with the research and development needs of major software companies. By strengthening Newxel’s presence in Israel, Dembovski aims to solidify its position in the local market while enhancing its international strategy and operations.

Dembovsky expressed his excitement about joining Newxel and said that he was committed to building high-performing teams that drive growth. He looks forward to leveraging his managerial experience to advance Newxel’s mission and contribute to its success in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Andrii Bezruchko, CEO of Newxel, welcomed Dembovsky to the team, emphasizing his proven expertise, industry knowledge, and leadership vision. Dembovsky’s appointment underscores the company’s dedication to offering a range of IT solutions, particularly in enhancing development capabilities as part of its journey to become a leading IT firm in Israel.

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